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Sometimes a large or unanticipated expense arises that you can’t pay for with your savings. An installment loan allows you to borrow the specific amount of money you need for a specific time period. The loan is paid back through regular monthly payments or installments, making it easier to plan your budget. Popular uses for installment loans include:

Union Bank offers both secured and unsecured installment loans. A secured loan doesn’t have to be a vehicle loan; savings accounts, CDs or other investments can also serve as collateral. We approve unsecured loans on the merit of your promise to repay the loan based on your reputable credit history and other factors.

When you’re shopping for installment loans in VT or NH, turn to the local bank that knows and cares about your community. Union Bank received an “Outstanding” rating from the FDIC for our ability to meet the credit needs of the people and communities we serve.

Call us for more information or download an application and visit your nearest branch in northern Vermont or New Hampshire to apply.

Personal Overdraft Protection Line

Protect your Union Bank checking account with a Personal Overdraft Protection (POP) Line of Credit. A POP line is used to cover balance shortfalls in your checking account so you can make needed purchases without interruption. Instead of getting fined for an insufficient balance, you pay interest on the amount you borrow until it’s paid back.

Learn more about Union Bank’s POP Line of Credit.


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